Small Bird


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A tyre that can be used on a course where the layer on top of the course is slippery. The duo compound gives the tyre its excellent capacities. The outer studs are twice as high as the studs in the middle. This and the extremely soft rubber mix of the outer studs give an extreme grip in the turns. Because of the lower studs in the middle the rolling resistance is very limited. This tyre is the perfect mix between a rhino and a typhoon.

Casing: Cotton


Size: 33-28"


Ribbon Width: 19.5 (S)

Ribbon Width


  • Widths: 30, 32, 33, 34, 36, 38mm, 26” & 28”
  • Pressure: 1,8 – 3,5 bar
  • Weight (32 mm): 385g