Preserve and Store tyres


At room temperature - not close to any source of heat or an electric engine.

In the dark, no (sun)light can touch the tires. You can also leave them in a closed box, but not folded. Inflated if possible. Like this the tread keeps its shape well.

Make sure that you preserve the tires when inflated, especially for track and road tires.

Don't let the tires folded in the box for a long time to avoid that it becomes hard to get the creases out of the tire When you start gluing the tires, make sure that the tires are stretched (unglued) on a rim for at least 24 hours. Gluing the tires will be easier.

A tire that has matured for at least 8 weeks (time between production and gluing), is more flat resistant and more durable.




Do you have a tubular with this symbol on the sidewall? (If not, please go back to Aquasure)

If you have a road tubular, this one always has the neoprene coating since 2016.

For cyclocross or MTB tires: If you have the sun stamped on the sidewall, you have a tubular with neoprene coating. It is very important that every time after using the tires you wash these with water and soap - but be sure not to use any aggressive products. Let the tubular then dry at room temperature (around 20 degrees). It is still possible to treat the sidewalls with Aquasure. We firmly advise you to do this if you do not clean the tubulars straight after using them