Neoprene Coating


Invented and first used by A Dugast, the Neoprene coating is a special protection coating applied to A Dugast tyres to extend their lifetime preventing the tyre casing to absorb humidity and mud. The Neoprene coating is a 0.1 mm-thick layer of silicon applied with a brush on the tyre casing filling the empty spaces in the yarn. 


The coating prevents water and debris to penetrate the casing as well as it prevents aggressive cleaners to deteriorate the casing material.Thanks to the Neoprene Coating, a Dugast tyres are easy to clean and last longer. More importantly, the coating does not affect the tyre functionality and comfort.

It is important that you do wash the tubulars after using (with water and/or soap but no aggressive products) and let them dry in room temperature (about 20 degrees).