Vittoria Group Transforms Legacy: A New Chapter for A Dugast

Vittoria Group Transforms Legacy: A New Chapter for A Dugast

In a strategic move toward innovation and sustainability, Vittoria Group announces that the cutting-edge facility in Bangkok, Thailand will start with the production of the A Dugast cyclocross series.

A Dugast, celebrated for its bespoke, handcrafted bicycle tires, has been an integral part of Vittoria Group since February 2021. Founded by André Dugast in France in 1952, A Dugast's journey led to Richard Nieuwhuis acquiring the brand in 2002, moving production to the Netherlands. Under Richard's visionary leadership, A Dugast became the undisputed leader in cyclocross tubulars and clinchers.

The new chapter unfolds with the production in Thailand, where Vittoria's world-class facility seamlessly merges traditional craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology. The Thai craftsmen, having imbibed Richard's invaluable knowledge, will continue the tradition of excellence in producing A Dugast tires. This significant step ensures the spirit of A Dugast lives on, marrying Thai craftsmanship with an environmentally conscious, carbon-neutral production facility – a first for bicycle tire plants.


Navigating Change with Optimism
Acknowledging the complexity of this decision, Richard Nieuwhuis, Managing Director of A Dugast, reflects, "The last 21 years of Dutch A Dugast production was an amazing ride, and I would have loved to serve the niche markets for longer and I will cherish that chapter in my heart. I am forever grateful to our team of demanding customers, our ever-delivering suppliers, and, of course, the best colleagues I could wish for. This team allows me to look back proudly and now onwards to new adventures."

Embracing New Opportunities
Stijn Vriends, Chairman and CEO of Vittoria Group, expresses gratitude, saying, "We thank Richard and the whole A Dugast team for the fantastic collaboration over the last years. With our world-class production facility in Thailand, we are poised to serve cyclocross enthusiasts worldwide with high-quality tires for many years to come."

This transition, albeit challenging, aligns with Vittoria Group's commitment to excellence, sustainability, and meeting the evolving demands of the cycling community. The newly branded "Vittoria A Dugast Series" will continue the legacy, embodying the craftsmanship that has been the hallmark of A Dugast.

As part of this evolution, the A Dugast factory in the Netherlands will cease by the end of 2023. The non-cyclocross product line of A Dugast will be replaced by equivalent Vittoria products already available globally, offering enthusiasts a seamless transition.

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